If you are thinking of joining one of our 8 week courses we strongly recommend that you attend one of our Mindfulness introduction sessions to see whether a longer course is right for you. If you are not able to attend an introduction please phone us for a chat about what the course entails. 

Although developing a mindfulness practice can be life-changing and bring many benefits, if you are in the middle of a challenging life situation we might recommend that you wait until things are a little more settled before beginning an 8 week course. This is to make sure that you are starting the course at a time when you will benefit from it positively, and have the time and energy available to give it the necessary commitment. Mindfulness is not psychotherapy and is not a substitute for mental health or medical care. If you have any queries please feel welcome to discuss them with us.

Mindfulness introduction sessions:

For information about courses, please email us: mindfulnessgeneration@gmail.com

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